My Threshold

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge:

Initially I was going to write a fictitious story personifying a house threshold as a human. But then this morning I experienced something that changed my mind.

Today morning after almost a week my entire family was together. My parents, my brother and my dog, who was listening to entire discussion with a big doggie grin on his face as if he understood the every joke being cracked.

Don’t get me wrong, my parents are always there. So is my brother. They are very close, they spend more time with each other. And me, they tell me to spend more time with them.

For the past three years my entire day is spent in college. I leave my house by morning and return by late evening. Some days I reached back home by late nights. Some days I had night outs with friends.

And today when we talked about cricket, elections and every other trifling issue, I had fun. I laughed like a mad man at every joke my brother cracked. I still laughed like an idiot when he didn’t joke. I didn’t care that I had to leave for college. College would wait. This moment is rather too sporadic.

My family isn’t very busy. My father works six days a week and he gets a day off on a weekday. My mother is a teacher and she enjoys teaching. My brother is also working and he has a night shift. All of them are busy. Me, I spend most days in college. Most of them hanging with friends. Sometimes study, sometimes because the schedule is that way.

And the sad part is this, my family knows that this is how things will be. That most of the time, we won’t get time to spend together. Because the days that I get free are those when I rest.

This is my house door. My house threshold. This is where things change for me.


As soon as I cross this threshold I change. I am not the Mayur of my home. I talk differently, I behave differently. I become withdrawn. I become guarded. Because I know that the world that I live in is a tragic place. Being unguarded and open is a weakness and there are wolfs circling. People don’t understand.

And I know that I am an idiot. I should not cross my threshold. There I am myself. I am understood, cared and loved for what I am. And I am a idiot to not be there at home.

But I have to learn the ways of the world. I am not to naive to presume that I know how to survive here in this place. So I made a choice, I am outside my threshold more.

And I am scared of the day when I leave for some distant place, being someplace where is there no threshold to cross back into. There is no safety, no comfort of loved ones. Because I know my choices are leading to that place.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no regrets. This is not a post of regret. This is simply a courteous nod to how things are.

And this probably shouldn’t be part of my blog. This is too open, too artless. But then again what is the point of a blog if I choose not to write what I want to write, share what I want to share.

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10 thoughts on “My Threshold

  1. Love your style of writing! Keep up the good job. I think no matter what we write, it’s the passion of the words that move people. That’s why I wrote and published my 1st book. It’s a also a great way to help others which is what I try to do through my book, and both my blogs 🙂 *Catherine* 🙂


      1. Thanks much for the support! Best wish’s on your EXAM 🙂
        I’d love to know your thoughts about the book when you do read it…..

        Author, Cat Lyon 🙂


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