Friends with me?

Why can’t we be friends?

The boy entered the house. He was immediately overwhelmed by seeing so many people at one place. People who were twice as tall as he was, easily his father’s age. People who he had never met before. People who’s names he will likely forget in two days.

But that didn’t matter for the time being. Because while coming he saw a couple of children playing in the garden, below the house. And all he wanted to do was join them. So he asked, entreated his father to let him play. And when he got the chance he became exuberant. He played for hours, and stopped only when he had to go back to his home.

It took him about two minutes to befriend the other children. He played with the children on slides, swings and seesaws. He player on the garden’s green grass and he played on the garden’s red mud.

That was me. From when I was eight years old.

Now cut to the current situation.

I talk to people. Small talk mostly. I say things like what’s up? And then they go with their friends. And I stand there.

I forgot what was the thing that made it easy to talk to people. I forgot how I used to make people like me instantly( other than being a eight year old cute kid). And here I stand flustered at my incompetency to make friends.

I have friends. I meet them. Talk with them. And then we go our separate ways. And I hardly talk to them again till the next time we meet. I don’t know whose fault is that.

And to make things easier we have social media. Friends are made at random. Friend request are accepted by seeing how many mutual friends does this person has. And then they are just a name in your friend list.

Friends are made by how many retweets I receive. By how many likes I get for my picture.

By how many people like my blog posts.
At least here there is a possibility of me knowing your thoughts and you reading my thoughts.

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